October 28, 2008 (Odalys)

I nicknamed her "patico" which means ducky in Spanish. Here are some pictures I took at court after my divorce.  Patico is on the hood of my car facing the courthouse.  I plan on taking her to better places.

October 2008 (Marissa Lorintz)

These pictures were taken during Parents Visiting Weekend at the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware.  The campus was so beautiful, even though there was not a pond.  I decided to travel like the students and hop on a bike to tour the University.  Maybe I will apply there because they have a large agriculture department.

October 2008 (Fran Rivera)

I took one of Laryssa's ducks for some leaf-peeping this past weekend in beautiful Hunter, New York.  A good time was had by one and all!

October 2008 (Adam Bellow)

I took the duck to visit Hunter today at Schneider's Childrens Hospital and took a picture of it with him in the nursery.  He seemed to like it.  What a great site and a nice way to remember your sister.

October 2008 (Beth Kattleman)

My duck spent some time this weekend in the forests of Catskill Park. He enjoyed the mountain air and sitting on cool, mossy rocks and tree trunks. However, he had to be forcefully pulled out from another bird's home! :)

October 2008 (Kathie Green)

I took this picture while pumpkin picking with my granddaughter Madeline in Albany.

October 23 - 27, 2008 (Sandy Bailey, niece of Mary Wolfe)

Mary gave us Laryssa's duck to take to Disney World in Florida. My little cousin Ashley had a great time carrying the duck around and posing with her in pictures. I think Laryssa had a great time and I think that duck is such a great idea.

November 2008 (Jim Bell)

My daughter Laura took some this duck photo with my grandchildren and me.

December 2008 (Melody Cesare)

Family trip to NYC for the holidays.

December 2008 (Diane and Donald Otten)

Trip to Florida.

January 2009 (Gordon and Carol)

Trip to Florida.

January 2009 (Diane and Donald Otten)

Trip to Maui, Hawaii.

February 2009 (Dann Leccese)

Leccese family trip to St. Maarten.

February 2009 (Mindy Martorana)

Here is a picture of my duck sitting on a piece of bulkhead by the Great South Bay in Amity Harbor, New York.

February 27, 2009 (Laura Backman)

This picture is cute because Lemon (at home in Portsmouth, RI) is looking at the rubber ducky sitting on her scooter.   To learn more about Laura and Lemon please visit:

February 2009 (Sue LaPorte)

My picture was taken from a room window on a cruise.

February 2009 (Stephanie Colagiacomo)

While celebrating a special birthday in charming London, I was looking for special souvenirs.  At a quaint shop across from the British Museum, a duck dressed in royal garb caught my attention.  It was a perfect photo opportunity to strike a pose for Ducks 4 Laryssa.

March 4, 2009 (Laura Backman)

This picture was taken at the Rhode Island State House in Providence for the Multiple Sclerosis Awareness activities.  To learn more about the National Multiple Sclerosis Society please visit:

March 9, 2009
(Missi Kendrick)

My mother, M'lis, gave him to me...Now I send to you from NYC.

March 31, 2009
(Larissa Pyszczymuka)

Meeting some new friends.

April 14, 2009 (Noreen and Nate Levine)

Tahiti Village, Las Vegas

May 2009 (Marilyn Wood)

Here are some photos that we took when my mom, Paul and I went to Alana's wedding in North Carolina.  The dinosaur pics with ducky were taken in Raleigh at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  The other photos is of Joey and Suzzane Genda's little girl Emily "eating" the ducky.

June 2009 (Goyo)

Hi, I'm Goyo from Barcelona.  I don't speak very well English but I understand you want some pictures of rubber ducks at special places.  This is my contribution.
Top row, left to right: Chitzen Itza (Mexico),
Torre Agbar (Barcelona),  and Brandenberg Gate (Berlin).
Bottom row, left to right:
Plaza de la Revolucion (Cuba), Prague (Czech Republic),  and Vienna.

June 2009 (Alice Bogart)

Taken at Niagara Falls.

June 19, 2009 (Samantha Anikewich)

Taken at Hicksville Public Library in New York.

June 30, 2009 (Bryan)

Taken at the Hicksville Boys and Girls Club in New York.

July 1, 2009 (Beth Wallace)

Visiting New York City with my mom and my boyfriend.
Left to right: Getting on the C train at 34th Street/Penn Station, at the South Street Seaport looking at the Brooklyn Bridge, and Stone Street - the first cobblestone street in Manhattan.

July 17, 2009 (Julie and Ron Tedeschi)

Taken at the Dr. Seuss Memorial Sculpture Garden in Springfield, Massachusetts.

July 28, 2009 (Susan Galland)

Cruising the Baltic Sea on the Emerald Princess.

July 2009 (Monica Csorny)

Lauren, Kate and I went to Italy this summer.  It was so unbearably hot in Rome, that the duck wanted to cool off by the Trevi Fountain!

August 24, 2009 (Julie and Ron Tedeschi)

Looking up at a tree in Mount San Jacinto State Park in Palm Springs California.  The elevation was 8,000 feet.

August 24, 2009 (Katie)

My duck went with my family and me to the Hamptons for some sun and fun. 

September 26, 2009 (Aggie Bly)

Here I am a Domenico's restaurant with the ladies of the Red Hat Society.  Dinner was fun with these great ladies.