The Idea Behind Ducks4Laryssa

Our sister Laryssa tragically died in a car accident on her way to school during her senior year in 2005.  We have created this Web site in our sister's memory to celebrate her life, and to bring awareness to the fact that she was denied a posthumous diploma because she "didn't fulfill the requirements."  We would like to create Laryssa's Law so that the family of any child who passes away during high school can receive a posthumous diploma in their memory.  Some states have a law such as this in place, but there isn't one in New York where we live.

Laryssa is With Us

During the summer of our first year without my sister, my husband and I traveled out west.  When we found a pair of rubber ducks in a hotel bathroom, we knew that Laryssa was with us in spirit because ducks were her favorite animals.  Ever since then, we have photographed our ducks wherever we go.  We even plan to bring them to Korea and China when we bring home our adopted children. 

The Inspiration

I first came up with the duck project when we were photographing our ducks at Artist Point in Yellowstone National Park.  A woman from Germany asked to take a picture of the ducks.  I know that this picture is circulating among her friends in Germany, but this woman will never know the feeling of hope that she gave to me that day.